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TrickyTreat™ - Feeding Toy

TrickyTreat™ - Feeding Toy

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How to Use

Using the TrickyTreat™ is really easy and straightforward.

1. Open the transparent "visor" and fill the toy with your dog's favorite treats.

2. Give it to your dog

3. When your dog starts to push it around, it will "run away" and dispense some treats along the way.

If your dog gets bored of new toys within a day or two - TrickyTreat is for you!

It's not just "another toy"... As fellow dog owners we guarantee TrickyTreat will actually keep your dog busy for hours. How? Dogs, being natural hunters, love chasing objects - and even more being rewarded for it. That is exacly what TrickyTreat does. Your dog has to chase it and it leaves treats behind as a reward.

The one thing we can wholeheartedly promise is that TrickyTreat will change the way your dog plays at home.

Entertainment for Hours

Just like that! Load it with your dog's favorite treats and let the fun begin. Big or small dog, he will chase it and forget the world around him.

Not Another Boring Toy

Dogs just don't get bored of feeding toys so quickly, because they are rewarded for play. If you also include their primal instinct to hunt, you have a recipe for their new favorite toy!

Have Some Quiet-Time

You love your dog, but sometimes it's just too much? We get you. That's why we created TrickyTreat. Not only will it entertain your dog, but also tire him out in the process with mental and physical stimmulation.

Made to Last

Does your dog chew... a lot? Good! TrickyTreat was made with chewers in mind. Your dog can chew all he wants, TrickyTreat will withstand it.

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Fun Guarantee

You don't like TrickyTreat? Your dog got bored of it? No problem. Just send us an Email within 60 days and we'll give you a full refund - No questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your company based?

Our company, Candisana, is based in Texas, United States, and all of our products are designed here as well.

My dog is a chewer, will he destroy the toy?

Unlike most other toys, the TrickyTreat™ was made with notoriously chewing dogs in mind.

Dogs should not be able to destroy it and it is made from non-toxic materials.

Does the toy contain BPA or other harmful chemicals?

As dog owners ourselves, the well-being of your dog is our top priority.

TrickyTreat™ is completely free from chemicals that could harm your dog.

Is the toy loud?

TrickyTreat is designed in a way that you have quiet-time, while your dog is busy playing. The toy makes no sounds itself.

Does it need batteries?

Batteries contain toxic chemicals, which could poison your dog, if damaged.

That is why TrickyTreat™ DOES NOT require batteries. It moves with the help of gravity and the momentum your dog gives it by pushing it.

Will my dog get bored of the toy quickly?

TrickyTreat is not like traditional toys. It takes advantage of dogs' natural desire to hunt and further rewards it with treats.

Your dog will not get bored of it so easily. Also, consider allowing your dog to play with it only at a specific time of day. That way it will appear "new" for a long time.

How do I fill the toy with food and clean it?

Cleaning the toy is really simple; just rinse it with water and soap or put it in the dishwasher. Filling it with treats is just as straightforward.

Simply open the 'visor' on the 'helmet' and pour in your dog's favorite treats

What size should the kibble be?

We advice you to use kibble that is not larger than 0.5 in. That way TrickyTreat can work properly.

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